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Sessile earthstar

Fungi: Basidiomycota: Agaricomycetes: Geastrales: Geastraceae: Geastrum fimbriatum Fr.

Geastrum fimbriatum – sessile earthstar

Synonyms: Geaster fimbriatus, Geaster tunicatus, Geastrum rufescens, Geastrum sessile, Geastrum tunicatum, Geastrum varians, Lycoperdon sessile.

Common names: sessile earthstar, Fringed Earthstar.

Extract from Wikipedia article: Geastrum fimbriatum, commonly known as the fringed earthstar or the sessile earthstar, is an inedible species of mushroom belonging to the genus Geastrum, or earthstar fungi. First described in 1829, the species has a widespread distribution, and is found in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. It is distinguished from other earthstars by the delicate fibers that line the circular pore at the top of its spore sac.

Arabic: نيجمة مهدبة, Czech: Hvězdovka brvitá, Finnish: Ripsimaatähti, German: Gewimperter Erdstern, Hungarian: Közönséges csillaggomba, Lithuanian: Tuščiaviduris žvaigždulis, Persian: قارچ فندقی گرد, Polish: Gwiazdosz frędzelkowany, Romanian: Steaua pământului, Russian: Звездовик бахромчатый, Swedish: Fransig jordstjärna.

Photos of this mushroom from East and Central Texas

Sessile earthstar mushrooms (<B>Geastrum fimbriatum</B>) on Caney Creek Trail (Little Lake Creek Loop Trail) in Sam Houston National Forest near Huntsville. Texas, <A HREF="../date-en/2018-10-06.htm">October 6, 2018</A>
LinkSessile earthstar mushrooms (Geastrum fimbriatum) on Caney Creek Trail (Little Lake Creek Loop Trail) in Sam Houston National Forest near Huntsville. Texas, October 6, 2018
Location on mapsLittle Lake Creek Loop Trail, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA


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