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Mathematica program for generation of web pages

main Main Mathematica notebook
mainprogr Workflow program
functions Definitions of functions
maintain-check-missed Checking possible missing names
maintain-check-names Checking wrong names and pictures without names
maintain-check-synonyms Selecting accepted names and checking synonyms
maintain-cnames-added Generate listing of common names from data for added names
maintain-common-names Common names
maintain-data-added Added data for names missing in gbif.org
maintain-data-gbif Downloading data for a given key from gbif.org
maintain-date Web page for a given date
maintain-dates-kml Creating geo files *.kml for each date
maintain-dates Group pictures by dates
maintain-dumpsave Saving session - for possible debugging
maintain-history Saving a list of mushrooms in a history folder
maintain-inaturalist Data from inaturalist.org
maintain-indexa Alphabetical list
maintain-indexc Pictures grouped by dates
maintain-indexen List of English names
maintain-indexf Index file sorted by full classification line
maintain-index Main index page
maintain-init Beginning operations
maintain-key-gbif Select key for a given name using data from gbif.org
maintain-kml Creating geo files *.kml for each mushroom
maintain-list-trim Trimming list of names
maintain-montage Creating photomontage of group of pictures
maintain-montage-names Photomontage of pictures for each collection
maintain-programs Printing list of programs
maintain-read-add Reading names to be added or removed from MO names list
maintain-read-mo-web Reading list of names from https://mushroomobserver.org/name/observation_index
maintain-redirect Redirecting obsolete name to a new name
maintain-russian Operations with Russian letters
maintain-save-lists Save list of mushrooms and list of pictures with mushrooms to a file to show links on web pages
maintain-search-gbif Search names through api.gbif.org
maintain-select-texas Selecting pictures taken in Texas
maintain-sitemap Creating sitemap for Google
maintain-sort Sorting names
maintain-species Web page for a given mushroom
maintain-weather-date Weather for a given date
maintain-weather Weather data
maintain-wiki Get Wikipedia articles
date date.htm - template web page
indexa indexa.htm - template web page
indexc indexc.htm - template web page
indexen indexen.htm - template web page
indexf indexf.htm - template web page
index index.htm - template web page
index-old index-old.htm - template web page
program program.htm - template web page
species species.htm - template web page
addnames Additional names that are missing in lists taken from Internet
transen Additional or preferable English common names
info Description of variables



Mushroom Observer and Facebook for learning names of local mushrooms.

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Texas Mushrooms
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