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Chinese elm

Plantae: Tracheophyta: Magnoliopsida: Rosales: Ulmaceae: Ulmus parvifolia Jacq.

Ulmus parvifolia – Chinese elm

Synonyms: Microptelea parvifolia, Planera parvifolia, Ulmus androssowii, Ulmus campestris, Ulmus chinensis, Ulmus coreana, Ulmus pumila, Ulmus shirasawana, Ulmus sieboldii, Ulmus virgata.

Common name: Chinese elm.

Extract from Wikipedia article: Ulmus parvifolia, commonly known as the Chinese elm or lacebark elm, is a species native to eastern Asia, including China, Taiwan, Japan, North Korea, and Vietnam. It has been described as "one of the most splendid elms, having the poise of a graceful Nothofagus".

Arabic: دردار صغير الأوراق, Armenian: Թեղի մանրատերև, Azerbaijani: Xırdayarpaq qarağac, Chinese: 榔榆, Estonian: Väikeselehine jalakas, French: Orme de Chine, German: Chinesische Ulme, Hungarian: Kínai szil, Japanese: アキニレ, Korean: 참느릅나무, Norwegian: Kinesisk alm, Russian: Вяз мелколистный, Serbian: Кинески брест.

Photos of this mushroom from the area of College Station in Eastern Texas

Bark of lacebark elm tree (<B>Ulmus parvifolia</B>) in TAMU Horticultural Gardens in Texas A and M University. College Station, Texas, <A HREF="../date-en/2012-12-27.htm">December 27, 2012</A>
LinkBark of lacebark elm tree (Ulmus parvifolia) in TAMU Horticultural Gardens in Texas A and M University. College Station, Texas, December 27, 2012
Location on maps1100 Hensel Drive, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77840, USA


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