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Fungi: Basidiomycota: Agaricomycetes: Agaricales: Amanitaceae: Amanita phalloides (Vaill. ex Fr.) Link

Amanita phalloides – deathcap

Synonyms: Agaricus insidiosus, Agaricus phalloides, Amanita insidiosa, Amanita ochroleuca, Amanitaria phalloides, Amanita verna, Amanita viridis, Amanitina phalloides, Amanitopsis insidiosa, Fungus phalloides, Venenarius phalloides.

Common name: deathcap.

Extract from Wikipedia article: Amanita phalloides /æməˈnaɪtə fəˈlɔɪdiːz/, commonly known as the death cap, is a deadly poisonous basidiomycete fungus, one of many in the genus Amanita. Widely distributed across Europe, but now sprouting in other parts of the world, A. phalloides forms ectomycorrhizas with various broadleaved trees. In some cases, the death cap has been introduced to new regions with the cultivation of non-native species of oak, chestnut, and pine. The large fruiting bodies (mushrooms) appear in summer and autumn; the caps are generally greenish in colour with a white stipe and gills. Cap colour is variable, including white forms (see Taxonomy below), and thus not a reliable identifier.

Arabic: أمانيت فالوسياني, Armenian: Դժգույն գարշասունկ, Basque: Hiltzaile berde, Belarusian: Бледная паганка, Bulgarian: Зелена мухоморка, Catalan: Farinera borda, Chinese: 毒鵝膏, Croatian: Zelena pupavka, Czech: Muchomůrka zelená, Danish: Grøn fluesvamp, Dutch: Groene knolamaniet, Esperanto: Faluseca amanito, Estonian: Roheline kärbseseen, Finnish: Kavalakärpässieni, French: Amanite phalloïde, Galician: Cacaforra da morte, Georgian: შხამასოკო, German: Grüner Knollenblätterpilz, Hebrew: אמנית המוות, Hungarian: Gyilkos galóca, Icelandic: Grænserkur, Iloko: Kallugong ti natay (Uong), Interlingua: Fungo del morte, Irish: Caidhp bháis, Japanese: タマゴテングタケ, Kashubian: Pòtrusowati sromòtnik, Komi: Понтшак, Latvian: Zaļā mušmire, Lithuanian: Žalsvoji musmirė, Malay: Cendawan kep kematian, Malayalam: അമാനിറ്റ ഫല്ലോയിഡസ്, Norwegian: Grønn fluesopp, Ossetic: Фæлурсзокъо, Pashto: آمانیټا فالويیډېس, Persian: کلاهک مرگ, Polish: Muchomor zielonawy, Romanian: Buretele viperei, Russian: Бледная поганка, Serbian: Зелена пупавка, Slovak: Muchotrávka zelená, Slovenian: Zelena mušnica, Swedish: Lömsk flugsvamp, Tamil: அமனிடா ஃபோலாய்ட்ஸ், Thai: เห็ดระโงกหิน, Turkish: Köygöçüren mantarı, Ukrainian: Мухомор зелений, Vietnamese: Nấm tử thần, Walloon: Amanite moudreuse, Welsh: Cap marwol.

Photos of this mushroom from East and Central Texas

Death cap mushroom (<B>Amanita phalloides</B>)(?) on Caney Creek section of Lone Star Hiking Trail in Sam Houston National Forest near Huntsville, Texas, <A HREF="../date-en/2018-07-13.htm">July 13, 2018</A>
LinkDeath cap mushroom (Amanita phalloides)(?) on Caney Creek section of Lone Star Hiking Trail in Sam Houston National Forest near Huntsville, Texas, July 13, 2018
Location on mapsLone Star Hiking Trail, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA


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